Thursday, June 05, 2014

Wisconsin Stuff and WWII


Monuments Men starring Bill Murrary, John Goodman. Famous actors pretend to be museum curators and art historians while carrying guns.


One Room Schools: stories from the days of 1 room, 1 teacher, 8 grades by Susan Apps-Bodilly.  APage 89 says, "However, he came to the school's program each year."

Wheel Fever: how Wisconsin became a great bicycling state by Jesse J. Gant and Nicholas J. Hoffman.  Page 106 says,"Not all clubs were competitive."

Indian Nations of Wisconsin: histories of endurance and renewal by Patty Loew.  Page 150 says, "As had occurred following the Pequot War, surviving Natives who had opposed the colonists were sold into slavery or absorbed into other tribes."

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Scott Phillips Returns With A New Novel


Hop Alley by Scott Phillips.  I missed the pre-publication notices on this one and lucked out by seeing a review in the New York Times Book Review.  Phillips specializes in unsavory male protagonists who do good despite their own selfish natures.  It's 1890 Denver and low-rent photographer Bill Ogden, from Phillips's Cottonwood, is dodging trouble with a drug addicted girlfriend and violent neighborhood.

Dead Lil' Hustler by Victoria Houston.  Another fishing themed mystery in Wisconsin's Northwoods.

Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown.  That's weird.  This Cussler cover doesn't have big fiery explosions all over the front.

Suspicion by Joseph Finder.  Finder is not wearing a tie for his author photo.  You know who Finder reminds me of?  Allison Moorer.  Only because this Moorer song is playing right now on my computer.

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes.  Hayes scripted The Road Warrior.  The Lord Humongous is a reasonable man.


Ancillary Justice by Ann Lecke.  This just won a big award, the Arthur C. Clarke Award.  Future artificial intelligence lives inside people.  Or something.

Skin Game by Jim Butcher.  Guy on the cover has a Colt revolver with an 8" barrel.  I don't know those revolvers well enough to identify the model.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Orange Blues


Orange is the New Black: Season One starring [no actorr names on box]. Woman goes to prison and has adventures.

Computerized Music Sounds For You to Listen To If You Have a "CD Player"

Storyline by Hunter Hayes.  Is this a TV actor turned musician?  Am I thinking of someone else?  Nope. says he was first signed up when he was 19.  This video if the first result off a YouTube search.  Lousiana singer sings songs without Louisiana accent.

In My Soul by The Robert Cray Band.  Blues singer sings songs of sadness and joy.  I heard about this because I follow The Verbs online.  The lead "Verbie" is married to this album's producer.

Huh, Speak of the devil.  The producer is in this album promo at 1:06

Album track.