Monday, March 04, 2019

Robot Cowboys and Border Politics


Once Upon a Deadpool starring Foul Mouthed Guy In Red and Fred Savage.

Westworld: Season Two: The Door starring Thandie Newton and Jeffrey Wright. Robots kill people, I think.


A Justified Murer by Jude Deveraux. Hey, Deveraux has a new author photo. This one is more dramatic and arty. You know it's arty because she is wearing black. Page 208 says, "Kate stepped away and glared at him."

An Unforgivable Secret by J.E.B.Spredemann. Amish romance novel. Spredermann is difficult fo me to type. Spredemann lives in southern Indiana.

Audiobook on CD

The Border by Don Winslow. 29 hours on 24CDs. WInslow's third novel about crime and drug traffic on the U.S.-Mexico border. Great stuff. You can read them in any order.