Friday, January 11, 2019

Here, Read These. Learn Something.


A Practical Education: why liberal arts majors make great employees by Randall Stross. Here, leanr the importance of Classics majors.  Page 64 says, "Herbert Hoover was a member of Stanford's Pioneer Class of 1895." Sure, Hoover was President but he was also blamed for the freaking Depression.

Houseplant Handbook: basic growing techniques and a directory of 300 everyday houseplants by David Squire. Here, learn to stop killing your plants.

One Million Followers: how I built a massive social following in 30 days by Brendan Kane. Here, learn how to sell stuff online.

Animal Hats to Knit: 11 wild projects to create by Luise Roberts. Here, learn to make a penguin hat to warm your head.

Garter Stitch Revival: 20 creative knitting patterns featuring the simplest stitch by Kerry Bogert. Here, learn to make a braided poncho.

Resilience: powerful practices for bouncing back from disappointment, difficulty, and even disaster by Linda Graham, MFT. Here, learn to deal with adversity and move forward.

Ramen At Home: the easy Japanese cookbook for classic ramen and bold new flavors by Brian MacDuckston. Here, learn to show your children ramen are not just cheap noodles.

The Hidden Life of Trees: the illustrated edition by Peter Wohlleben. Here, learn how roots grow.

Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1601-1700, 7th Edition by Thomas Michael. Here, learn how much rare coins can cost.

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Made Up Stories


The Martin Chronicles by John Fried. Coming of age in New York City for an 11-year-old. Does Fried gets jokes about eggs and chicken? "Hey, John, did you order your eggs fried? Along with some fried chicken?" He is wearing a sweater in his author photo.

Fulfillment by Barbara Delinsky. Some sort of romance. This was originally published in 1988 so I suppose there are not cell phones in the plot. No author photo for Delinsky. If there was an author photo would they have pulled a photograph from 1988? They should have.

Turning Point by Danielle Steel. The cover says 'romance in Paris'. The book jacket says 'big time doctors from Bay Area go to a training class in Paris and help in a real-life emergency". I think this is the same Steel author photo as usual. Why get a new one when you publish one book a quarter?

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. I assumed Pekkanen was a Fin in Finland. Maybe she is a Fin but she lives in D.C. Hendricks is in Manhattan. Both wore black for the author photo. Did they have a discussion about the photo and what to wear? How often do they meet in person to write their books? Do they need to meet in person to write the books? Maybe they avoid meeting in person because they just sit around and talk about family and politics, play with the pets, and drink coffee. I don't know, you'll have to ask them yourself. Let me know the answer.

Monday, January 07, 2019

Here. Books.


2019 North American Coins and Prices edited by David C. Harper. U.S., Canadian and Mexican coins. There were 1,477,967 proff sets of the 2009S 18 piece clad set sold. There were 14 different types of $5 Canadian coins minted for the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Magic: The Gathering Cards: the unofficial collector's guide by Ben Bleiweiss. I'm not sure what the heck that game is about.

Cook Fast Eat Well by Sue Quinn. Take 10 minutes to cook five ingredients. Many pretty pictures. Page 110 has a reverse image; you can tell by the reverse label on the Tabasco bottle. Did I use that semicolon correctly?


Verses For The Dead by Preston and Child. Two author dudes write another novel. Page 142 says, "deviation... insisted... both... uneasiness... on... rocks... and... listlessly... sipping... espresso."