Friday, March 30, 2012

Bleed for Me Acoustically on the Picket Line


A Dangerous Method starring Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender. Knightly plays crazy patient receiving treatment by Carl Jung. This is a David Cronenberg flick so assume weirdness mixed with sexuality.


Picket Line by Breena Wiederhoft. Former Wisconsin lady moves to Oregon and writes a comic book novel. Plot: Gal moves to Northern California and gets caught in battle between developer and environmentalists. Wiederhoft made a very good book trailer.

Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl. Some sort of novel with demons. Teen girl is killed and only suspects are the other teens that were at the same party. Forensic psychiatrist and former linebacker are having supernatural experiences related to the murder.

Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham. Robotham does good work and his books circ' well here. Psychologist answers his front door to find his daughter's friend covered in blood. The teen girl remembers nothing but the blood is from her dead father.


Play Acoustic: the complete guide to mastering acoustic guitar styles by Dave Hunter. Comes with two CDs and a spiral binding so the sucker lays flat.

Top 10 San Diego by Pamela Barrus. Top 10 lists of things to do and see. I always like to stay in my hotel room and watch local television stations.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Variety Pack With Guns and a Liebenow

Music on Thin Discs With a Center Hole

Welcome to Condale by Summer Camp. I don't recall why I ordered this. I must have seen a catalog listing or sales rank. Maybe I heard a tune on BBC 6.

X 2011: Christian rock hits by [lots of people]. 16 tunes of singers singing rock hymns.


Mountains of Light: seasons of reflection in Yosemite by R. Mark Liebenow. A natural tour of Yosemite as "Liebenow calls on the spirit and legacy of John Muir to rediscover nature and recover his own exuberance for life."

Gun Digest Book of the AR-15: Volume 3 by Patrick Sweeney. Rifle reviews, caliber commentaries, fancy photographs.

Baltimore: the plague ships: volume one by Mike Mignola. Comic book novel set in 1916 France with zombies or something. Mignola is best known for the Hell Boy comic series.

Audiobook on CD

Drift: the unmooring of American military power by Rachel Maddow. 6 CDs at 7.5 hours. One of those authors people love or hate depending on political affiliation.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Complete Louie is a Satanic Highway Patrolman


Highway Patrolman starring [Mexican Actors]. Back in the pre-internet 1980s and 1990s all I could rely on for movie news was the video store rack, The New Yorker, and Roger Ebert's annual compendiums. I don't recall how I heard about this one but I know I read a review somewhere and it only took 20 years for me to get my hands on a copy.

Plot: Pedro is a young, naive rookie highway patrolman who runs into corruption and poverty in rural Mexico. (The only one of two clips I could find.)

Louis: the complete first season starring Louie C.K. fighting with Nick DePaolo. I posted this before but had to return a defective DVD.

My Week With Marilyn starring Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh. Go-fer chauffeurs Marilyn Monroe around.


Satan Is Real: the ballad of the Louvin Brothers by Charlie Louvin with Benjamin Whitmer. I read about this online. "The beautiful and tragic saga of the Louvin Brothers - one of the most legendary country duos of all time." The Louvin Brothers became a very minor internet sensation due to an old album cover from which the book is named.

Large Print

The Thief by Clive Cussler. "An Isaac Bell Adventure." Something sinks.

Passing Love by Jacqueline E. Luckett. Better than passing on a cold. According to the cover this is set in Paris. Paris, France. Not Paris, Texas.

Little Girl Gone by Drusilla Campbell. Cover has a photo of a bored pit bull and a girl.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Joe Lansdale Returns


Edge of Dark Water by Joe R. Lansdale. Teens want to dig up dead friend to cremate her and take her ashes to Hollywood. This is a Lansdale novel so violence is sure to ensue.

Chomp by Carl Hiassen. Alligator wranglers son goes along when dad hired to help a reality tv show. Humor ensues.

Guilty Wives by James Patterson and David Ellis. Four women are living the high roller life during a long weekend in Monte Carlo. All four women awake on a yacht surrounded by police and charged with murder. Tension ensues.

Elegy for Eddie by Jacqueline Winspear. Fruit seller in 1933 London is killed. Maisie Dobbs investigation ensues.

Letter From A Stranger by Barbara Taylor Bradford. Gal discovers her grandmother is alive ten years after she was thought dead. Investigation ensues.

Buried in Buttercream by G.A. McKevett. Hollywood P.I. Savannah hires an insufferable woman as her wedding planner. Wedding Planner found dead in Savannah's pool. Sleuthing ensues.

The Unseen by Heather Graham. A Texas Ranger and a U.S. Marshal in present day San Antonio use their paranormal powers to investigate murders that include long missing bodies from the past. Ghostliness ensues.

Betrayal by Danielle Steel. Film director discovers someone has been embezzling. Ghost writing ensues.

Monday, March 26, 2012

93.5 Hours of Books and 3 Music CDs

Music on Round, Shiny, Thin Things

Cornershop and the Double-O Groove Of by Cornershop. British song singers.

WOW Hits 2012 by [bunch of people]. "30 of today's top Christian artists and hits" sing songs.

Minnesota Lumberjack Songs by Brian Miller. Gopher trills tunes.

Books on Compact Disc, The New Wave in Sound Technology

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. 28 CDs at 33.5 hours. I read that the mini-series has a lot of nudity. This makes sense since young men tend to read a lot of fantasy novels. That short guy, Peter Dinklage, always does some good acting.

A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. 31 CDs at 37 hours.
Tell All by Chuck Palahniuk. 5 CDs at 5.5 hours. This was on sale. Some humor novel set in "old Hollywood". Should the quote go before or after the period?

Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller. 6 CDs at 7.5 hours. 50-year-old wife and her husband have moved to a smaller home in anticipation of retirement. Pippa's wild life from 30 years ago "has begun to seep in and invade her present."

Information Officer by Mark Mills. 8 CDs at 10 hours. Spy drama set on Malta during WWII while the island is under siege by the dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking nazis. I listened to this and thought the story was OK. But, Mills does a fantastic job with the setting.