Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dancing Milwaukee Tractors


The Artist starring John Goodman, Ed Lauter, Malcolm McDowell, [French guy].  Small dog makes people laugh.

Home for Wayward Clocks by Kathie Giorgio.

Large Print
Tuesday's Child by Fern Michaels.  Another Fern Michaels novel, another cover illustration of flowers.

Non Fiction
Antique Tractor Guide: volume XII.  Because people like tractors.  Page 468 says, "In spite of all the efforts the company succumbed to indebtedness on November 2, 1922, and the board of directors voted to close the company and sell the assets to pay debts."

Wonderdads: the best dad and child activities in Milwaukee by Regina Lewis.  Page 53 says, "Rollaero is cash only and there's no ATM is [sic] on the premises."