Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Three Women And A Dude


A Willing Murder by Jude Deveraux. I was not aware Deveraux also wrote mysteries. Deveraux is very difficult for me to type. I am going to try and slowly touch type her name. Deverauz. Decerauz. Deveraus.

Echoes of Evil by Heather Graham. Graham's author photo is the one where she has super fancy looking hair. Graham attended the Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee event last year. Or maybe the year before. I hope to attend that this year.

Transcription by Kate Atkinson. Atkinson's first novel came out in 1996? Ddang. I am waaaay behind on reading her books.

Large Print

Monday, September 24, 2018



Ocean's 8 starring [many famous actresses]. A bunch of people plan to rob jewels at the Met Gala. I'm pretty certain I never heard of the Met Gala until I read news articles about the event a couple months ago. Here is a trailer or something. I was reading something by a guy who said the movie is fantastic.