Saturday, May 10, 2014

Gargantuan Gischler Greatness


Ink Mage by Victor Gischler.  Gischler writes a fantasy novel.  Something about a magical tattoo on a young woman's back.  The plot does not matter because Gischler never writes junk.  I'd have this at home - or already read - except my reading time is spoken for with work related titles.

Joe Ledger: Special Ops by Jonathan Maberry.  Maberry's character Joe Ledger works for a super-secretive federal agency.  Ledger gets into all sorts of fisticuffs and shoot-em-ups with terrorists, zombies, mutant animals, aliens, etc.  Fun stuff.  This is a short story collection.

Ballad of Mila by Matteo Strukul.  Italian dude writes fast paced shoot-em-up with vengefull woman who was raised as an assassin and now out to get those her raped her and murdered her father.

City of Heretics by Heath Lowrance.  I vaguely recall hearing a joke about the name Heath and Heath bars.  I heard the joke years ago and cannot remember what it was.


Quick Meals by Isabel Hardy.  Recipes.

Mayo Clinic Diabetes Diet by executive editor Phyllis Pellman Good.  recipes.

Wok and Stir-Fry: 160 sizzling stove-top recipes shown in over 270 photographs by Sunil Vijayakar.  Recipes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cold Harbor Runner


Shovel Ready by Adam Sternbergh.  My order notes says, :New York Magazine review."  I'm not what that means.  Maybe it was the New York Times book review.  Looks like a dystopian thing set in New York City with "the wealthy spend[ing] their days tapped into virtual reality; the rest have to fend for themselves in the streets."  Oh, maybe it's just a contemporary setting.

Large Print

Walking on Air by Catherine Anderson.

All Our Names by Dinaw Mengester.  I'm guessing on that last name because the author's name is scrawled, not printed, on the cover.

Cavendon Hall by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

Runner by Patrick Lee.

Stone Cold by C.J. Box.

Harbor of the Heart by Katherine Spencer.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Deceptivelly Amish Wheat Belly


Betty Crocker Cook Book: 1500 recipes for the way you cook today by [corporate author].  Recipes.

Deceptively Delicious: simple secrets to get your kids eating good food by Jessica Seinfeld.  Recipes.

Ten-Minute Yoga Stretches by Mark Evans.  Yoga stretches with many color photos.  None of the models are wearing tights but some of those stretches are still a bit unfortunate.

Small Business Start-Up Kit, 8th Edition by Peri H. Pakroo, J.D.  I have no idea how to pronounce the author's name but she has written several legal guides.

For Love and Money: portraits of Wisconsin family businesses by Carl Corey.  Photos of businesses including Grimm Book Bindery where I need to send a couple items.

The Periodic Table: a visual guide to the elements by Paul Parsons and Gail Dixon.  Page 126 says, "A deficiency in iodine results in diseases such as goiter, which is characterized by a swollen neck (due to enlargement of the thyroid gland), and hypothyroidism, when the invalid feels tired and cold, gains weight, and suffers from dry, itchy skin."

250 Best Cookie Recipes by Esther Brody.  Page 101 says, "Mix together until well blended."

The 1929 Bunion Derby: Johnny Salo andthe great footrace across America by Charles B. Kastner.  The competitors averaged 46 miles a day over 78 days.

Wheat Belly: lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back to health by William Davis, MD.

Amish Quilts: the adventure continues: featuring 21 projects from traditional to modern edited by Lynn Koolish.  Adventure?


Natchez Burning by Greg Iles.  Lawyer defends his father from murder committed in race war tinged 1960s. 

Live to See Tomorrow by Iris Johansen.  Gratuitous pistol posing with woman model and a Beretta.