Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Further Commentary


The Simpsons: the fourteenth season starring voices [not in your head].  I stopped watching a few years ago.  I don't even watch reruns all the way through.


Suspect by Robert Crais.  New characters.  PTSD patrolman and PTSD Army dog are partnered.  Robert Crais's author photo does not include one of those ugly Hawaiian shirts.

Private Berlin by Patterson Literary Production, Amalgamated.  Some novel about something that happens to someone in some place.


Naked Statistics: stripping the dead from the data by Charles Wheelan.  No photos.  A handful of charts.  Author photo includes some dog chewing on a stick.  The dog is intently looking off camera at whoever is trying to get him to stay still as the shutter opens.

I just looked this guy up to find more dog photos.  No dog photos.  Wheelan teaches at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  I got married in New Hampshire.  Or, maybe Vermont.  I'm not sure which is which.  Residents of Vermont and New Hampshire like to pretend there is a difference between the two but they're wrong.

AC/DC: high voltage rock'n'roll: the ultimate history by Phil Sutcliffe.

Morrisey on Tour.  I was thinking of attending one of his shows but don't know it I will or not.  I need to decide soon.  I thought about driving to Clear Lake, IA for that show but need to decide quick since it is February 5th.

Or, maybe not.