Saturday, December 26, 2015

Read Aloud - Read Away

Read Aloud - Read Away

Starting January 2 is a month long chance for children to reduce their fines by reading inside the library. Reading is vital to childhood development and we don't want our customers blocked from the library or afraid of their fines.

Children's books accrue over due fines at $0.05 a day. Reading time will be worth $0.25 for each 15 minute block of time. You have to read in the library. Read in the Children's Room. Read in the magazine room. Read in the YA room. Read on the stairs. Read on the chairs. Read upstairs.

Read to a dog. Read to a mop. Read to yourself. Read to a tool box. Read to the ceiling. Read to that guy over there. Read to the ceiling fan. Read to Batman.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

One Book. It is a novel.


The Verdict by Nick Stone. Nick Stone sounds like a character in a shoot-em novelm which is convenient for the character with that name. This Nick Stone is not only a real person, be he also shaves his head and poses for black and white photos for his author photo. Plot: a lawyer has a career making case but involves defending a guy who the lawyer abhors.

I wonder if Stone thought of using a pen name The Nick Stone series has been pretty popular in the UK. I read the first 5-6 Nick Stone novels and really enjoyed a couple of them. I wish I knew who the ghost authors were, I presume it is several people and not one person. But, I don't know.

 Hey! Maybe Nick Stone ghosted a Nick Stone novel. That'd be cool.