Thursday, August 28, 2014

Photo Updates

Updates and News

Four staff have recently left library employment.

Jim Braughler was the library's ILL/Cataloging Library Assistant for 8.5 years and did great work.


David Luehring was a Library Page for four years.  David was the fourth Luehring sibling in a row to work here.  He has graduated high school and left for school in Minnesota. (Davis is on the left.)


Emily Hoggatt and Caitlin Downey were both Library Pages.  Emily worked at the library for one year and Caitlin for three.  Both of Caitlin and Emily are attending school in Madison.

Emily and Caitlin.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More Sound, Not As Much Vision

Digital Information In Physical Form Is Impressed Onto A Thin Layer of Plastic For Playback

Now That's What I Call Country: Volume 7.  Pop singers sing pop songs sold as country songs.

Now That's What I Call Music: volume 51.  Pop singers sings pop songs sold to the top forty crowd.

(Weird Al is not on here but he parodies Fancy which is on here.)

Ultraviolence by Lana Del Ray.  Pop singer sings pop songs of cruelty and violence.


300: rise of an empire starring Eva Green.  All I know about this flick is that there are boats and a Bond Girl in the nude.  At least, that's what I read.

Nurse Jackie: season five starring Edie Falco.  All I know about this is what I read on the back cover.  Junkie nurse finishes rehab, gets divorced, dates a policeman.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Large Print, 9 CDs, and Some Dude

Large Print

Support and Defend by Mark Greaney.  Some sort of thriller with Tom Clancy characters.

Cut and Thrust by Stuart Woods.  Some sort of thriller with a lawyer.

Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke. Some sort of crime novel with a lawman.

Fast Track by Julie Garwood.  Some sort of family drama and romance with a woman protagonist.

9 CDs

Herbie's Game by Timothy Hallinan.  11 hours on 9CDs. Professional burglar, Junior Bender, is once again pressed into investigating another crook's problems.  I am currently listening to the first book in this series.

Some Dude

Remember Me Like This by Anthony Johnston.  You can tell this is a literary novel because the cover has blurbs from John Irving, Tom Perrotta, and Andre Dubus III.  I read an Irving book once, A Son of the Circus.  That sucker was a doorstop.  I think that might be the book where I checked out two copies by mistake.  I returned one and still had an overdue notice.  I was ticked off. "I know I returned that book!"  Nope.  I returned the one book and totally forgot I had a second book - at the bottom of a book stack - at home. 

I'm not sure what this novel is about.  How about a picture of a dog instead?