Monday, July 07, 2008

Crime Fiction and The Bible


Wounded and the Slain by David Goodis. Another paperback from Hard Case Crime. A reprint from 1955. "Their marriage on teh rocks, James and Cora Bevan flew to Jamaica for a last chance at patching things up. But in the slulms of Kingston James found himself fighting for his life - while Cora found her own path to destruction, in the arms of another man."

Empty Ever After by Reed Farrel Coleman. Coleman has been awarded the Shamus, Barry, and Anthony awards for his novels. Coleman wrote the very good Hose Monkey under the pen name Tony Spinosa.

Demon of Dakar by Kjell Eriksson. Scandinavian noir and crime is quite rage these days. Swedish copper Ann Lindell and her assistants follow the clues from a trail of bodies back to the Dakar restaurant. Neither the restaurant owner and kitchen staff are above suspicion.

Yellow Medicine by Anthony Neil Smith. Fired from his Deputy job in Mississippi for "rule-bending and bribe-taking" Billy Lafitte lands on the tundra of rural Minnesota. Booze and girls occupy his spare time when a local band's girl bassist asks him to help out her boyfriend.
I've read several positive comments about this novel. The author is from Minnesota. I know some of you may take offense at that, but give him a try anyway. Besides, take pity on the guy, he works at Southwest MN State Univ. - he may as well be in Iowa.

Large Print

Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock. Something about something.


Frommer's National Parks of the American West. Parks.

KJV Large Print Wide Margin Bible. Our last Large Print novel was a paperback and falling apart.

Miller's 20th Century Glass and Collector's Encyclopedia of Depression Glass. Donations made in memory of Frances Pirwitz by the Lake Mills Women's Club

Bruce Campbell! Futurama! Football!


Burn Notice: Season One starring BRUCE CAMPBELL and [important people]. Michael Westen (not played by Campbell) was fired and blacklisted from the spy community. He doubles as a private dick in Miami while trying to find out why.
The DVD case has him holding an older style Smith with the goofily squared trigger guard. But, the gun looks oddly photoshopped. Why is is that movie posters and DVD covers always have to add a gun to the cover? Gun equals action? If so why not have the actor pose with 0ne instead of clipping one in afterwards?

Giants: Road to XLII. Whoa...five discs worth football from last season. Games from Week 17 versus the Patriots, Wild Card Playoff versus the Buccaneers, Divisional Playoff versus the Cowboys, NFC Championship versus the Packers, Super Bowl XLII versus the Patriots.

Laurel and Hardy Collection starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Two discs with shorts and two feature films.

Beast with a Billion Backs starring Bender. "You'll gargle with fear!" The second feature length Futurama. Extras include David Cross eating popcorn, deleted scenes, storyboard, a brief history of Deathball.

Sheriff featuring Sheriff Ronald E. Hewitt of Brunswick County, North Carolina. Sheriff Hewitt works a "backwoods county" with crimes of murder, robbery, and lawn ornament theft. "At once brutal, bizarre, and funny, Sheriff employs the techniques of cinema verite: no interviews, no msic, no voice-overs. The result is an unexpected, intimate portrait of a complex man trying to do good in a bad world."

Vantage Point starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, others. The President is shot in Spain. Told from the vantage point (get it? vantage point?) of eight different characters.
Again, the cover has dudes - Quaid and Fox - and posing with pistols - Sigs. I remember reading that the Secret Service issues .357 Sig caliber. I'm not sure if that is correct though.

Thursday, July 03, 2008



Chasing Darkness
by Robert Crais. The latest novel featuring Los Angeles private detective Elvis Cole.

Savage Night by Allan Guthrie. More trouble in Scotland. "Equal parts blood phobia and blood lust..Savage Night unfolds over six short blood-blind hours." A blood phobic guy is out for revenge while across town another guy is being blackmailed.

Reapers by John Connolly. Both Louis and his partner Angel are being targeted by Bliss, a Reaper. A Reaper is a killer's killer. When Louis and Angel disappear their friend Charlie, a Reaper in waiting, looks for them.

Gold Diggers by Tasmina Perry. Not a mystery. I'll have to fix this one. Sex with millionaires and billionaires in New York.

Dawn Patrol by Don Winslow. PI surfer in San Diego has a case. This is supposed to be really good, Booklist gave it a starred and highlighted review. That Crider fellow wrote about it. I didn't read his review because it looked like he would give the plot away.

Don't Tell A Soul by David Rosenfelt.



Wolf Sea by Robert Low. The Oathsworn, a viking band, await their leader Orm "to bring them back once more to wealth and warfare." When Orm's sword is stolen the band travel from Scandinavia to Constantinople, Greece, Jerusalem and back again to recapture it and wreak vengeance.

Everything Else

Ambush by Paul Carson. Thriller. Expatriot Dr. Scott Nolan is a successful doctor and well-known campaigner against illicit drugs in Ireland. When an assassination attempt on Nolan and the anti-drug Minister kills Nolan's wife Nolan teams with his policeman brother-in-law to catch the killers.

Winter Haven by Athol Dickson. Inspirational fiction. Vera's brother Siggy has been missing for thirteen years. His body is found washed ashore on the coast of Maine. But, Siggy body has not aged.

Summer Blowout by Claire Cook. Chick book. Bella breaks away from her family's chain of hair salons to start her own place.

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot. Chick book with continuing characters.

Killing Rommel by Steven Pressfield. Wartime Thriller. Commandos are sent into Egypt to kill German General Rommel during World War Two. Brilliantly realized historical accuracy that makes you feel you are there.

Steel Wave by Jeff Shaara. War book. Something to do with World War Two.

Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian. Oprah Style Chick Book. Family flees from fighting and Russians at end of World War Two.

Franchise Babe by Dan Jenkins. Humorous Novel. Eighteen years old blond Ginger is the next greatest thing that will put the LPGA on par with the PGA. But, someone is trying to have her killed. Journalist Jack Brannon gets in the middle of it.

Upside Down Inside Out by Monica McInerney. Chick Book. Guy and girl both travel to Australia for vacation. Both remake themselves with different identities. Guy and girl meet and how will their past (and real lives) come out without breaking them apart?

Boat by Nam Le. Serious Literature. Short stories set in Colombia, Iran, the U.S. and elsewhere.

Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner. Thriller Mystery. Murder-suicides by prominent San Francisco residents are investigated by forensic psychologist Jo Beckett.

Ex-Debutante by Linda Francis Lee. Chick Book. Carlisle ran away from Texas to be a divorce lawyer in Boston. Called back to Texas to help with her mother's latest divorce Carlisle finds herself salvaging the family's 100 year old Debutante Ball.

Finder by Colin Harrison. Suspense. Chinese lady on the run in New York City.

Death Angel by Linda Howard. Large Print Crime Novel.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More Fiction with Lawrence Block and James Lee Burke


Tribute by Nora Roberts. This releases on July 8th. Former child actress Cilla returns to Viriginia to restore her maternal grandmother's home. Cilla's grandmother was a famous and decadent actress who died 30 years ago of a drug overdoes. Cilla finds a packet of letters in the house's attic showing that her grandmother may have been pregnant by a married man when she died. Was she murdered?

Silent Thunder by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen. This releases on July 8th. I'm not sure what the deal with this is. Iris is alive but the copyright is by Roy and Johansen Publishing, LLP. Did Iris write any of this?
A Russian sub has been donated for public exhibition and marine architect Hannah is tasked to prepare it. Hannah finds a mysterious message right before a deadly assault on the sub. Hannah finds out why.

Swan Peak by James Lee Burke. This releases on July 8th. Dave Robicheaux is in Montana on vacation with his wife and his friend Clete. When two college students are found murdered nearby Dave gets involved. With: "a wealthy, vicious oil tycoon, his deformed brother and beautiful wife, a sexually deviant minister, an escaped con and former country music star, and a vigilante Texas gunbull out for blood."

Dust Devils by James Reasoner. "Redneck-noir thriller.. a mix of robbers, murderers, betrayals and death."

Hit and Run by Lawrence Block. Keller is very close to retirement. He has been working hard and saving his money. On a business trip to Iowa he is waiting to complete an assignment when the Governor is murdered. Keller sees his own face on television as the prime suspect. That's enough trouble for anyone but Keller makes his living as a hired killer. Now he is stuck in Iowa with no cash, no valid ID, and every cop on the lookout for him.

Large Print

TailSpin by Catherine Coulter.