Monday, January 22, 2007

New Fiction titles available

Our cataloging and processing is catching up with our new system. For several days after our "Go Live" date of January 10 we were not allowed to add any new items. Jim is working hard at cataloging the books, DVDs, and music CDs that we have had sitting around since our cataloging moratorium that started back in November.


Magic Time by Doug Marlette. What is this? I don't recognize this at all. Oh, now I remember, this is supposed to be pretty good. In 1991, emotionally broken down newspaper columnist Carter Ransom returns to home to Mississippi for a rest. When evidence that a 1964 murder trial of a Klansman may have been fixed Carter gets involved because: 1) he's a newspaperman, and 2) his father was the trial's presiding judge in '64.

One Shining Moment by Gilbert Morris. The prolific Morris publishes another novel from his American Century series. The Stuart children live through World Wat One and into the Twenties.

Awake in the Dark by Shira Nayman. Short stories about the children of Holocaust survivors discovering family secrets. Author's career as a clinical psychologist gives a different tack to the stories. This could be a neat companion to Art Spiegelman's story about his Holocaust surviving father in Maus and Maus II.

Pictures by Robert Daley. Daley's 2005 novel Enemy of God has checked out pretty well. According to the book jacket this is a "sexy thriller with a harrowing climax". After photos of a European duchess's husband shacking up with another women hit the Euro gossip magazines Vincent Conte's security firm is hired to find the mistress and the photographer and find out who commissioned the photos to be taken. Conte travels across Europe for answers and finds his clients are using those answers for more than personal edification.

Keeper of the Keys by Perri O'Shaughnessy. Architect Ray Jackson's wife has disappeared. Leigh is gone with no note, no body, and no trace. When a friend of Leigh starts to question Ray's truthfulness, along with the police, Ray starts to investigate. Using years old keys from the homes his mother and he used to live in Ray digs into his violent past to find a connection to Leigh's disappearance. This is a standalone novel and not a part of the Nina Reilly series.

Eagle's Prophecy by Simon Scarrow. Scarrow starting writing novels of the Roman Legions when he could not find any he liked. Scarrow is a fan of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series and writes his novels as adventure stories filled with historical detail, nasty bad guys, and plenty of action. Eagle's Prohecy is set in 45 AD as series Legionaire heroes Macro and Cato are assigned to the Roman Fleet to help recover the Delphic scrolls from the pirates who stole them.

Large Print Fiction

Murder at the Opera by Margaret Truman. Same story, different verse by the daughter of Harry S. Georgetown law professor Mac Smith is onstage as an extra at the Kennedy Center National Opera when a promising singer is killed. Mac investigates on the invitation of the theater board and we have an interesting insight into the "backstage" of D.C. society.

Born in Death by J.D. Robb. What's the point of using a pseudonym when your real name, Nora Roberts, is spread atop the book's cover? Policewoman in 2060 investigates a double murder. Eve Dallas has to simultaneously search for a girl who has gone missing from her friends' birthing class.

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