Saturday, April 28, 2007


Fiction fiction by fiction writers

Woods by Harlan Coben. Coben is a bestselling author. Twenty years ago two teenage campers were disappeared in the woods. Now, one of survivors, Paul, is a prosecutor. When human remains are found in the woods Paul becomes a suspect.

Chameleon by Richard Hains. Hains is a financial expert and this first novel is an excellent thriller. Hains' detail of the financial world and how it works underpin the whole book and present a unique storyline. Protagonist Jon Phillips is planning a fraudulent bond sale to set up his early retirement. But, the deal goes wrong and the Russian gangsters financing the deal want their money back.

Large Print Fiction by fiction writers who write in regular print but have their books published in Large Print to reach more readers and make more money

We Shall Not Sleep by Anne Perry. See description in an earlier entry for the regular print copy.

Obsession by Karen Robards. katherine is bound and gagged as her home is ransacked. She awakens in the hospital with multiple injuries and memory gaps.

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