Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Large Print

Large Print

Iron Cowboy by Diana Palmer. Woman author? Cowboys? A horse on the cover? "Sweet-natured bookseller" female? Draw you own conclusions.

Mystic Horseman by Kathleen Eagle. Must I repeat myself?

Them: a novel by Nathan McCall. Black guy rents ramshackle house. White couple move in next door and black guy and neighbor lady develop friendship over backyard fence. "But fear and suspicion build and clashes ensue as more whites move into the neighborhood, changing the familar landscape."

Heart of Horses by Molly Gloss. What the heck? Where did all these horse books come from? Girl in 1917 gets hired for horse breaking job in Oregon.

Prepared for Rage by Dana Stabenow. A standalone novel separate from the Stabenow's Park Ranger series. AN FBI agent and Coast Guard officer are guarding the Florida coast before a NASA shuttle launch. Determined terrorist plans an attack from sea.

Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult. I ought to read one of these Picoult novels some day. She is very popular. Condemned murderer want sto donate his heart to the sister of his victim.

Dead Time by Stephen White. We have the regular print. Personally troubled psychologist is asked by ex-wife to find the woman hired to be ex-wife's surrogate mother.

Morning Light by Catherine Anderson. The cover is all purple with a big photo of a purple tulip. Oh, great! Another cowboy romance. What a surprise.

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