Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Three Mysteries and Four Large Print


South of Shiloh by Chuck Logan. Civil War reenactor Paul from Minnesota is killed in Mississippi during the mock battle of Kirby Creek by a live round. His neighbor on the Union line, Kenny Beeman, was the real target and now Paul's wife has enlisted friend and newsman John Rane to investigate.

Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark. Jack and Regan Reilly are caught in a blackout in New York City. Ever seen Zapped with Scott Baio? I enjoyed that movie in junior high.

Death Walked In by Carolyn Hart. Something about stolen Double Eagle coins and family intrigue.

Large Print

Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry. "The Prince of Wales invites several financiers and their wives to dinner to discuss an African railway. The party comes to a rough end when the men's evening entertainment - a whore - is found dead on the Queen's monogrammed sheets. Thomas Pitt of the Special Services enlists his maid Gracie to help solve the crime."

An Incomplete Revenge by Jacqueline Winspear. We have the regular print edition, too. Some mystery about Kent during harvest time and hop-picking. Tyranena Brewing gives tours and lets you taste some of the compressed hop pellets they use for brewing.

Blasphemy by Douglas Preston. Isabella is the world's largest supercollider and is almost ready to use. "Will it divulge the mysteries of the universe, or as some predict, suck the earth into a mini black hole? Or is Isabella a Satanic attempt, as a powerful televangelist decries, to challenge God Almighty? Twelve scientists are sent to a remote mountain to turn it on - and what they discover is utterly unexpected."

An Ordinary Man: an autobiography by Paul Rusesabagina. Rusesabagina was the hotel manager that Hotel Rwanda was based on. He spoke at GAC.

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