Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This Took A While - Music CDs


Death Magentic by Metallica. The cover's illustration of magnetized metal filings made to look like both a vagina and coffin is followed throughout the CD booklet.

A Little Bit Longer by The Jonas Brothers. I'll be fair. I've never heard their music and may love it when I hear it. Maybe.

Like A Fire by Solomon Burke. Burke has been recording soul, R&B, gospel and rock albums for 50 years. After some '60s popularity he mostly fell off the charts of everyone. 2002's Don't Give Up on Me was comeback of sorts and astonishingly good. Burke's resurgence continues with this, his third album, since that '02 disc.

Mediterranean Nights by Pavlo. New age guitar music by a Greek or Italian guy or something. How many countries border the Mediterranean anyway? I'm a Librarian I should look that up.
Our New Age music collection is not regularly updated but the older stuff checks out and this seemed like a good choice to try out. Judging by the photos in the CD booklet Pavlo puts on a fun stage show. If the music isn't any good the gal dancers are good looking. Just don't look at the band member wearing a white tie and playing a keytar.

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