Friday, January 16, 2009

Music CDs

Live From Austin, TX. by Richard Thompson. Fifteen tunes recorded July 2, 2001 with that aqua colored guitar he always uses.

Tha Carter III by lil Wayne. A rap album.

Hotel California by The Eagles. This will check out.

"Off With Their Heads" by The Kaiser Chiefs. Peppy rock music with nice hooks. If you like this there are two other discs you can place holds on.

Glide by Jerry Douglas. Link to this comment: Jerry Douglas is probably the most famous dobro player in the world, which might sound like damning with faint praise, except that he's also one of the most in-demand session musicians in the world, period, as well as a constantly sought-after producer, and the man John Fogerty describes as "my favorite musician, and I'm including Otis Redding and Elvis in that."

Rockin' With Wanda
by Wanda Jackson. Compilation of by the Queen of Rockabilly.


Unspoken by Jim Brickman. Gospel piano.

A New Hallelujah by Michael W. Smith. Concert recording from a 2008 performance.

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