Thursday, April 09, 2009

Eighty-Nine Hours of AudioBooks on CD


Safer by Sean Doolittle. 8 CDs at 9 hours. Family moves to Midwest town. Guy tries to fit in but ends up ticking off the Neighborhood Watch president and getting accused of a nasty crime.
This is supposed to be a incredibly good. But, I have not read the book yet because I ended up ordering the dang, to-be-released paperback instead of the hardcover. Stupid internet.

Night and Day by Robert Parker. 5 CDs at 5 hours. Jesse Stone has to track down a home invader who forces women to strip and pose for the camera. "Stone has to track this sicko down before the crimes become more serious."

A Darker Place by Jack Higgins. 8 CDs at 9 hours. Russian writer fakes defecting to the British but is still loyal to Putin and intends to infiltrate British intelligence.

Lost Witness by Robert Ellis. 11 CDs at 14 hours. LAPD cop Lena Gamble is in trouble from her officers and is given a unsolvable case with pieces of an unidentified corpse found in a dumpster.

The Associate by John Grisham. 9 CDs at 11 hours.

The Renegades by T. Jefferson Parker. 9 CDs at 11 hours. LAPD Sheriff's Deputy Charlie Hood knows that the American West still holds outlaws. When a fellow deputy is killed while on patrol with Hood, Hood sets out to find the bad guys.

Black Ops by W.E.B. Griffin. 16 CDs at 19 hours. Shooting. Fighting. Intrigue.

Daring to Dream by Nora Roberts. 9 CDs at 11 hours. She uses ghost writers doesn't she?

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