Monday, November 30, 2009

11 DVDs: Ray Liotta, Space Creatures, Hairy Dudes, Whores


Futurama: Bender's Game starring [voices]. The Planet Express crew sneaks into a dark-matter mine for spaceship fuel and find some underground, medieval place.

X-Origins: Wolverine starring A Couple Australian Dudes. Guys with muscles fight.

Arthur Hailey's Detective starring Tom Berenger, Cybill Shepherd. Television movie from 2005 with Berenger as a priest turned cop who agrees to meet a serial killer on death row.

Killshot with Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Married couple witness murder and go into witness protection. Hitman comes after them. The novel by Elmore Leonard was real good.

Crank 2: High Voltage starring Jason Statham, Amy Smart. Gratuitous pistol posing on the DVD case.

State of Play with Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, others. Journalist in D.C. discovers conspiracy while investigating the murder of a Senator's assistant.

Futurama: into the wild green yonder starring [the same voices]. Funny, animated adventures.

Winter of Frozen Dreams starring Thora Birch, Keith Carradine. Biochemistry student doubles as a prostitute and commits murder. Based on the Barbara Hoffman case in Madison. Link. Link.

Anvil: the story of Anvil starring {Anvil]. Canadian metal band refuses to give up.

Girlfriend Experience starring Sasha Grey. Manhattan prostitute offers the "girlfriend experience" with 'companionship and conversation' as if she were really the guy's loving girlfriend.

Observe and Report starring Ray Liotta, Seth Rogen, Anna Faris. Mall guard wants to catch flasher, get a job with the police department, and have sex with a cosmetics salesgirl.

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