Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seven DVDs, One With Canadian Content


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: complete season 5 starring Danny DeVito and That Blond Girl. Three discs with 12 episodes.

Castle: Second Season starring Captain Hammer. Five discs with 24 episodes.

Death Comes to Town by Kids in the Hall. Two discs at three hours. Canadians making funny.

OSS 117: Lost in Rio starring [French people].

Shred-It with Weights by Jillian Michaels. One hour of exercises with hand weights or kettlebells.

Plain Truth starring Mariska Hargity. Hargitay is striking the exact same pose she does for Law and Order. Newborn found dead outside Amish town. Hargitay defends the 18 year old Amish suspect.

Madison starring James DeVita. War correspondent returns to Madison, WI and has trouble adjusting to domestic life. Not to be confused with the Jim Caviezel movie about boat racing in Indiana.

One of the producers, Nicholas Langholff, went to high school here and dropped this copy off. He hasn't emailed me an invoice yet, unless the email landed in junk mail. Let me check...nope not there. I could not quite remember the guy's name but he also worked on Feed the Fish so IMDB was helpful. Langholff graduated from Lakeside.

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