Friday, December 03, 2010

Plastic Discs With A Reflective Surface That When Used in the Proper Machinery Will Provide Data That is Digitally Translated Into Sounds and Images


Eat, Pray, Love starring [famous woman] and [Spaniard]. Sit, Drift, Sleep.

Flipped starring Aidan Quinn, Bald Anthony Edwards, John Mahoney. Coming of age romance following boy and girl from second grade through middle school.

Grown Ups starring Adam Sandler. Childhood buddies get together for a weekend as adults. According to the back cover: someone gets shot with an arrow, a chubby guy swings on a rope, they wear matching shirts, they go on a water slide, their wives and girlfriends are too attractive to be attached to them.

The Expendables starring [many people]. Shooting. Explosions. Fighting. Fire balls. Airplanes. Sleeveless shirts.

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