Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Books, A Reminder, An Observation


Confession by John Grisham. Someone donated a copy to us. I'm adding the copy since there are currently 229 holds for the book.


Kellogg's Cookbook: 200 classic recipes for today's kitchen edited by Judith Choate. Recipes.


Len Price 3


Relative Populations of New Zealand and Wisconsin. Wisconsin has 5,600,00 people. NZ has 4,300,000. That's a lot of hobbits. Hopefully that second earthquake did not damage the shire too badly. I read that a brewery was damaged in the first one.

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dunedin said...

Second earthquake very shallow and more buildings damaged. They thought the aftershocks were almost over. My niece has been through them all and like a lot of people doesn't want to live in Christchurch any more.
I love the winter photos - looks so beautiful. Much prefer here in the middgle of summer though.