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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fifteen Music CDs with Peruvian Disco Music From Space

Music on CD

Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons. Yes. I know I'm late on this one.

Own Side Now by Catlin Rose. Gerard? Yes? Why did you buy this one? I don't recall.

Lady Killer by CeeLo Green. Yes, late again.

Bella by Teddy Thompson. No - Not Late At All! I bought this before the release date but we had trouble getting it on the shelf. So there. Thompson is playing in Madison tonight. I am unable to attend.

Commercial by Los Amigos Invisibles. The Peruvian Disco Band From Outer Space. They say they are from Venezuela but I do not believe it.

Different Gear, Still Speeding by Beady Eye. The left-over members of Oasis formed a band.

Endgame by Rise Against. Some band out of Chicago that circs well here. I read a pop reference to them recently.

21 by Adele. I bought this CD early as well. Hah!

Now That's What I Call Music 37 by [various bands]. Sixteen popular pop tunes I have never heard.

Kiss Each Other Clean by Iron and Wine. Gerard? What? Who are these guys? I have no freaking clue, but I saw them listed on a 6 Music playlist the other night.

Wow Hits 2011
by [various]. 30 songs on two CDs of popular gospel I have never heard. I bought a book about Christian rock a few years ago, Body Piercing Saved My Life.

Bright Morning Stars by the Wailin' Jennys. I bought a previous album called Firecracker. When I saw that Firecracker has good circs I ordered this one.

Mean Old Man by Jerry Lee Lewis. The Killer rerecords tunes with younger musicians. I heard - I think on The Underground Garage - that Lewis's previous album Last Man Standing came about because a wealthy fan thought it up and bankrolled the whole thing.

Kidz Bop 19 by [various]. Kids sing popular tunes. This product is Bieber free.

Disney Soundtrack Collection: classic hits by [various]. Another Disney re-hash and cash-in.

UPDATE: Every disc but Commercial and Kidz Bop was on hold.


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