Monday, June 20, 2011

Drug Dealers, Serial Killers, Spies, Vampires, Aliens


Weeds: season two starring Mary-Louise Parker, ThatGuy FromSNL. We have the first season and it has kept checking out. I figured I will fill the gaps.

Weeds: season three starring [same people]. According to the back cover Matthew Modine is in this season.

Weeds: season four starring [same people]. More suburban drug deals and family issues.

Doctor Who: the complete fourth series starring TheThinDr. WithFloppyHair. Tardis, Dalek, Screwdriver, etc. This box cover has the redhead actress who recently passed away.

True Blood: the complete second season starring [heart throbs]. Vampires in Mississippi? Alabama? Some southern state.

True Blood: the complete third season [more heart throbs]. This box says the show is set in a town called Bon Temps, so maybe this is Louisiana.

Breaking Bad: the complete third season starring Bryan Cranston. Meth manufacturer makes [pick your own alliteration].

Dexter: the fourth season starring Michael C. Hall, John Lithgow, James Remar. Serial killer has a baby.

The Office: season five starring [actors]. I've never watched this show. I've never really been interested.

The Office: season six starring [actors]. More of the same.

Burn Notice: season four starring Bruce Campbell. What is Burn Notice?

Feature Films on DVD

I Am Number Four starring Timothy Olyphant, others. A popular teen movie. "Action-packed thriller...extraordinary teen...elude a deadly enemy...unexpected, life-changing events...poweful new abilities...secret connection...incredible destiny..."

True Grit starring The Dude, Jason Bourne, ThatGuyFrom NoCountryForOldMen. Young girl in Arkansas hires gunman to go after guy who murdered her father.

Battle: Los Angeles starring Aaron Eckhart, actors. Aliens attack Los Angeles and a Marine unit rides around in helicopters and shoots back.

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