Tuesday, July 05, 2011

DVD: Sex, Violence, Lies, Bieber, B-Movie Cage


Hall Pass starring Jason Sudeikis, Owen Wilson. Two guys given "hall pass" by wives to screw around.

Sucker Punch starring Scott Glenn, Jon Hamm, Teenage Girls. Teenage girls escape from a CGI prison with CGI violence against CGI bad guys on a CGI battlefield.

Just Go With It starring Annoying Guy, Jennifer Aniston. Guy lies to girl and has friend's children pretend to be his.

Justin Bieber: never say never starring Justin Bieber and Bieber Fever. Concert film of teen heartthrob from Canada.

Drive Angry starring Crazy Nic Cage, William Fichtner, GirlWith BigHair. Guy escapes hell to wreak revenge. Didn't Cage already do this with a motorcycle? These seems to have lots of muscle cars and fiery explosions. I'll bet Tom Piccirilli liked it.

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