Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sound and Vision (Repeat)

DVD Documentaries

Polo Kid by Nathaniel McCullagh. "True story of how a 13 year old boy from humble origins became a polo star."

Tabloid: an Errol Morris Love Story by Errol Morris. Obsessed and crazy beauty queen winner kidnaps a guy and becomes queen of tabloid covers.

DVD in Spanish

La Reina del Sur: Volume 1 starring Kate Del Castillo. Una filma con mujer con Walther pistola y negro hair-o.

La Reina del Sur: Volume 2 starring Kate Del Castillo. Further-o adventuras con mujer con negro negro hari-o con Jorge Michael y pointy botas.

Music on Shiny Disc of Plastic

Thirt3en by MegaDeath. Pilot/guitarist sings loud songs of death.

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