Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gischler Multi-Pack Vs. Nicholas Sparks

Comic Book Compendiums

X-Men: With Great Power by Victor Gischler and [artists]. I screwed up and bought two of these. One paperback and one hardcover. I bet I could have used a semicolon back there. Reptiles in Manhattan, dead bodies, Spider-Man is amazing, "battle foes on multiple fronts", stupid outfits.

X-Men: Death of Dracula by Victor Gischler and [more artists]. Dracula's sons are feuding. I hope Gischler appreciates us buying these comics and gets back to writing novels. According to his online commentary all he does all day is grill dinner, drink wine, dream of Disney World, and hang out in hipster coffee shops to write.

X-Men: First To Last by Christopher Yost and [other artists]. No Gischler content but I am sure Yost tells a fine tale. The Evolutionaries show up to defend the dwindling X-Men.

Money Machine

Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. There are a ton of reserves so I bought another copy.

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