Monday, January 23, 2012

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Music on CD

Want More by J.C. Brooks and the Uptown Sound. Band plays and sings songs.

The Whole Love by Wilco. I am late on this disc with a band that sings songs. I did not know the CD existed. I now know the dang booklet is too big to fit in our dang circulating cases.

I only realized Wilco put an album out after hearing this song after Patti Abbott embedded the tune on her blog.

Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down by Ry Cooder. Cooder sings songs of political nonsense while playing guitar. Cooder has been doing theme albums lately. I've enjoyed them.

Brighter Days by JJ Grey and Mofro. Singer writes and sings songs in Florida. A concert album and DVD. I lucked out by seeing another person, Anthony Neil Smith, post a Grey tune on his blog once. The tune I heard was this tune, accompanied with a surprisingly interesting video, and included on the concert album:


Hunters in the Sky by Janson Media. 16 programs of World War Two military pilots and aerial battles. Including a guy who was two months old when his father was shot down and 60 years later meets the night fighter pilot who killed him.

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