Thursday, April 05, 2012

Digital Signals That Are Translated By A Computer Into Sound

Digital Signals That Are Translated By A Computer Into Sound

Hunger Games: songs from District 12 and beyond by Neko Case and others. Songs sung by Neko Case, Secret Sisters, others. The fold-out smells weird.

Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird. A former Page mentioned this singer guy on the Facebook. I liked the songs and figured others will too. The sounds quality of this clip is much better than that previous Case clip.

Audiobooks on CD

Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Haines. 7 CDs at 9 hours. What is it with book covers looking at past a beach and wooden boardwalk to the water? I was getting sick of those covers a while ago.

A Short Sharp Shock by Kim Stanley Robinson. 4 CDs at 4.5 hours. Watch Out! Look Behind You! Run! Runnnn!!!


The Outfit starring Robert Duvall, Joe Don Baker, Karen Black. Let The Violent World of Parker tell you the story. Good luck finding a decent trailer but here is an excerpt.


Mystery Writers of America Present Vengeance edited by Lee Child. I ended up on the email list for Zoe Sharp so I know she has a story in here. That and her name is right on the freaking cover. Other tales by Dennis Lehane, Alifair Burke, Michelle Gagnon.

Death Comes Silently by Carolyn Hart. Same cover as the audiobook version listed above. Duck!

Gypped by Carol Higgins Clark. According to the cover an underwater tornado in a swimming pool is sucking up 50 dollar bi- Go! Don't Wait! Just GO!

Big Cat Nap by Rita Mae Brown. Sleeping cat solves a murder with - No! No! Please! No!

Dorchester Terrace by Anne Perry. Murder mystery with no cats but plenty of Englishmen.

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