Monday, October 08, 2012

56 Discs

12 discs

A Wanted Man by Lee Child.  14.5 hours.  Reacher ends up hitchhiking his way into trouble.  I heard the song before.

24 discs

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.  30.5 hours.  Another long historical novel by Follett and his hair.  Read by the great John Lee.

12 discs

A Wanted Man by Lee Child.  14.5 hours.  "Wait a moment.  Is this the same book as above?" Yes, it is.  One of these was ordered early and bought the second one by mistake.  However, since Child's books are popular I figured to keep both copies.

4 discs

Homeland: the complete first season starring Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.  Lewis is English?

2 discs

Project X starring [bunch of kids and a dwarf].  Teen party gets out of control.

2 discs

The Lucky One starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling.  Infantryman looks for woman whose photo was his good luck charm.

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