Monday, November 19, 2012

Special Goldberg Edition, courtesy of Bill Crider


The Dead Man: Volume One: Face of Evil [Goldberg and Rabkin]: Ring of Knives [James Daniels] : Hell in Heaven [Goldberg and Rabkin] by Lee Goldberg, et al.  Goldberg and William Rabkin started this series of adventures novellas as eBooks.  Amazon is printing the the eBooks with three stories per volume.  A fun series with action, suspense, humor, so forth, so on.

Goldberg and Rabkin have been hiring new writers for each entry in the series. There have been some very fine ones chosen including James Reasoner, Bill Crider, Anthony Neil Smith, and Christa Faust.  A fun series.

Lumberjack Matthew Cahill was buried in an avalanche.  Cahill was dug up in spring, thawed back in the morgue, and came back to life.  Cahill is hunting down a spirit/ghost/demon/something he calls Mr. Dark.  Mr. Dark infects people with evil and only Cahill can see the rotting flesh of the infected.

The Dead Man: Volume 2: The Dead Woman [David McAfee] : The Blood Mesa [James Reasoner] : Kill Them All [Harry Shannon] by Lee Goldberg, et al.  Cahill continues to travel the U.S. searching for Mr. Dark and fighting evil.

The Dead Man: Volume 3: The Beast Within [ James Daniels] : Fire and Ice [Jude Hardin]: Carnival of Death [Bill Crider] by Lee Goldberg, et al.  Cahill kills evil people. Cahill meets chicks.  Crider writes about gators.  I liked Fire and Ice but I have not yet looked for more Hardin books.


Active Senior Living: a fictionalized memoir by Jan Curran [Goldberg's mother].  Humorous tales of living in an assisted living facility.  Curran was a newspaperwoman in Southern California.

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