Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Sound, 18 Video

Music on Flat, Circular Piece of Plastic

The Dreamer by Rhett Miller.  Singer sings songs with his gold tooth mouth.


Little Rascals: the complete collection starring [kids who never got residuals].  The guy who played Spanky spoke at my college in "90 or '91.  I was only able to attend his talk for about an hour and then had to leave to wash dishes in the cafeteria.  I was telling everyone about hearing Spanky and my classmates and dorm mates did not know what I was talking about.
The Champaign Public Library used to loan out 8mm films and projectors.  My parents would get the Our Gang features for birthday parties.

Ivor or Zelig?

Detention starring Josh Hutcherson.  High school horror comedy.

ParaNorman starring [animated people and monsters].  Boy who sees dead people has to save his town from a curse.

Expendables 2 starring [guys with muscles].  Guys with veiny muscles - Bruce Willis excluded - shoot things.  I have no idea what the plot is.

Eastbound and Down: complete third season starring [chubby guy with mullet].  Baseball pitcher joins minor league team in Myrtle Beach.  I went to Myrtle Beach in 1999.  I did some go-kart driving and enjoyed it greatly.

Dragons: riders of the Berk starring [voices].  The case says "4 explosive episodes" so I guess this is not a feature film.

Citizen Gangster starring Scott Speedman, Brian Cox.  Canadian war veteran robs banks.  Hoser guy wears a toque and robs a bunch of Loonies from a Toronto bank then goes home to sit on his chesterfield.

Shape: 400 calorie fat-blast with [fit blond ladies].  Three 15-minute workouts.

Shape: make over your butt, hips and thighs with [fit blond lady and background models].  The box photos imply lots of lunges.

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