Monday, January 14, 2013

Computers, Combat, Ken, Crazies, Kennedy


Windows 8 for the Older and Wiser by Adrian Arnold and Richard Millett.  Computers.

Windows 8 Bible: the comprehensive tutorial resource by Jim Boyce and Rob Tidrow.  Are.

Quickbooks 2013 by Thomas Barich.   Stupid.


The Generals: American military command from World War II to today by Thomas E. Ricks.  Changes in command and responsibility over the past 70 years.  From common firings in WWII to command whitewashing of Vietnam to command of today.  Command.

Pacific Time on Target: memoirs of a Marine artillery officer, 1943-1945 by Christopher S. Donner.  This is what happens when the Library Director reads catalogs from Kent State University Press.

Viper Pilot: a memoir of air combat by Dan Hampton.  A review said that flying descriptions were gripping.  I just noticed that the author is a Texas A&M graduate.  I congratulate Hampton on exceeding his Aggie peers and learning how to read.  (giggle). 
- What's the best selling underarm deodorant in College Station?  Raid.
- There was an Aggie who wore the same pair of socks every day.  His mother finally told him to put on a new pair of socks on every day.  A few days later, he couldn't put his shoes on.
- My cousin Andrew said his dorm was infested with roaches.  He told me he sprayed bug killer into his clock radio and took the cover off to find a dozen or so roaches in there.  That grossed out the middle-school-aged me.


Because I Said So!: the truth behind the myths, tales & warnings every generation passes down to its kids by Ken Jennings.  Don't chew you ice, it's bad for your teeth.  If you touch that baby bird, it's mommy will abandon it.  Never run the microwave empty.

Brooklyn Zoo: the education of a psychotherapist by Darcy Lockman.  I read a promo, thenI  read a review, then ordered it.  Psychologist in training at a understaffed and overfilled public institution.


The Patriarch: the remarkable life and turbulent times of Joseph P. Kennedy by David Nasaw. BookTV coverage.

The Rest

Prescription for Herbal Healing, 2nd Edition by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC.  You know what the library does not have?  An acronym dictionary.  I much prefer that over using the stupid internet.

Tap dancing to Work: Warren Buffett on practically everything, 1966-2012 by Warren Buffett.

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