Monday, January 07, 2013

Music and Video

Melodic Noise Is Digitized and Distributed in Physical Form

Come Home to Mama by Martha Wainwright.  Note to listeners: do not become pals with Martha Wainwright and anger her.  Link to review.  (Embedded song by Wainwright includes standard Wainwright vocabulary, so do not play where a singer singing profanity is frowned upon.  I have headphones on.)

Warrior by Kei$ha. Approved by Megan Abbott.  I think Abbott likes the aggressive persona. That is a guess because I do not actually know Abbott.

Yes, the actual spelling is Ke$sha.  But has some impressive comments: Taste never enters into Ke$ha's equation: she's gleefully vulgar embracing the magic in a dude's pants, copping a rapper's growl, tossing out profanity, encouraging the shock and awe of any listener with a lick of sense. Ke$ha may play dumb but she isn't stupid: she knows a good hook, whether it's in the rhythm, chorus, lyric, or melody, she knows how far to take it to the edge, knows how to be tacky without being gross.  Here is a profane song singing duet with Iggy.

Good Kid, M.A.AD. City: a short film by Kendrick Lamar.  I have no idea what this is, I ordered off a catalog listing of bestsellers.  Here, lets check the YouTube...seems to be rapping.  Continuing the cursing theme is a rapper singing a rap song.

The Aftermath: ascension by Coheed and Cambria.  Heavy metal by heavy metal singers singing heavy metal songs.  The other CD the library owns, Year of the Black Rainbow, has checked out very well.  Find one of their songs by yourself.


Lawless starring Shia LeBouf, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain.  How do Australians pronounce "Guy"?  Bootleggers get in gunfights and talk tough.

Katy Perry: part of me by Katy Perry and [many support musicians and staff].

Company starring Stephen Colbert and [lesser lights].  Stage production of Stephen Sondheim musical.

Liberal Arts starring [actors I won't bother listing].  Plot?  Watch the trailer.

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