Friday, April 26, 2013

The Title Is Descriptive Of How I Feel Hearing It


Le Miserables starring Two Australians and That Tall Lady.  There are so many things I could write about this, none are complimentary.

Lincoln starring an Englishman, A Texan, and Former-Child-Star-Who-Is-Not-A-Junkie.  Lots of talking and natural light.

Life of Pi directed by University of Illinois graduate Ang Lee.  The book was much better than I expected.  I suppose the flick can be the same.

The Bible starring Dudes With Long Hair, Romans.  "Breathtaking in scope and scale."  Can't everything be CGI'ed into scope and scale? 10 episodes.

Aldo Leopold at Faville Grove by Charles Johannsen.  Renown environmentalist Aldo Leopold started preserving native prairie around Lake Mills in the 1930s.  Johannsen covers the prairie restoration and interviews Leopold's former students.

I think Johannsen, or a pal, did this from downtown Lake Mills featuring local guitarist Paul Filipowicz.

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