Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dead Dahmer Dukes


Evil Dead starring Jane Levy, Sholih Fernandez.  Remake.  Remote cabin is inhabited by five pals and a monster.

Jeffrey Dahmer Files by Chris James Thompson.  Documentary featuring the Milwaukee Medical Examiner, investigating Detective and a neighbor.  When I was living in student housing at Murdoch University in Australia a gal who lived in the apartment on the other side of the breezeway had a fascination with Dahmer.  She also had a nose ring, nose rings were very weird at that time.

About twenty years ago an independent comics publisher in Champaign, Hart Fisher, wrote a Dahmer comic book.  The comic was intentionally offensive and there were protests by victims families from Milwaukee.  The publisher welcomed and loved the attention.

In 1993 Fisher's girlfriend, Michelle Davis, was raped and murdered at the Charter House Inn, a low-rent motel, in Urbana.  The murderer spun a bizarre tale of meeting a guy on campus, that the other guy committede the rapes and murders, and then hid the murder weapon in a bush on the University of Illinois Quad.  Fisher says he spun out of control after the girlfriend's murder.

A year or two later a high school classmate of mine was drunk at a bar speaking about how she met the murderer nights before the murder.  She was drunkenly dramatic with, "That could have been me!"  That classmate of  mine died in a car wreck in 2001.

Another classmate was murdered by her boyfriend in Hawaii in 2005.  That classmate was left brain dead from a beating but she was also pregnant by the killer.  She was kept on life support for three weeks and the baby was born prematurely and adopted by her brother and his wife.

I didn't really know any of the above people. Especially Dahmer.

Dukes of Hazzard: fifth season starring Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Catherine Bach, Those Two Other Guys Who Filled In.   Season five where Wopat and Schneider held out during contract disputes and a couple other actors were hired as leads.  Wopat is a Cheesehead.  The Tommie awards for high school musical productions are named after him.

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