Thursday, December 26, 2013

Lansdale, The Dead Man, and Me

Musicians Play Music That is Recorded by Computer, the Music is Electronically Processed and Then Inscribed With Digital Designs Onto a Thin Metal Disc Sandwiched Between Plastic Layers

Restless by Kasey Lansdale.  Singers sings songs of country.  "Another Lansdale?" you say.  "Yeah," I say.  "Why not? We've got all of His Ownself's recent books.  We even have a movie his son did."  Here is Lansdale in Italy.  Lansdales, apparently, are big in Italy.


The Dead Man: volume 6: Colder Than Hell: Evil to Burn: Streets of Blood by Lee Goldberg, William Rabkin, Anthony Neil Smith, Lisa Klink, and Barry Napier.  Latest print editions of the e-book originals.  Klink wrote an earlier Dead Man novella, Slaves to Evil.  I read that hoping it would stink and I could write Klink goes clunk.  But, the story was good, so I didn't.  Smith has a story in here that I've put off reading because I think the e-book stuff is a hassle.

Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon.  This is actually a kid's book.  But I already incorporated the book title into into the blog post title and I don't want to change anything.  Girl thinks a gator-man killed someone.

Wait a minute... Lansdale? Dead Man? Gator-man? This is like some weird Bill Crider sneak attack.

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