Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fearless, Evil Genius Bastard's Furniture


Shooter's Guide to Handgun Marksmanship by Peter Lessler.  Guess who did not put an index in his book?  This guy.  Page 157 says, "This is quite an interesting topic, one probably worthy of its own book."

Real Mom Kitchen, 2nd Edition by Laura Powell.  Page 114 says, "6 flour tortillas."

Cheap Bastard's Guide to Seattle by David Volk.  There is a section for beer but not coffee.  My brother lives in Seattle.

Building Classic Arts and Crafts Furniture by Michael Crow.  "Shop drawings for 33 traditional Charles Limbert projects."  I check circulation numbers and DIY furniture building books check-out pretty well.

Raspberry Pi Projects for the Evil Genius by Donald Norris.  Raspberry Pi are little $40 computers you can buy and program to destroy the world.  Or, maybe just take over the Tri-State area.

Fearless Performance Reviews by Jeffrey and Linda Russell.  My feet are freezing.  I should bring some slippers or loafers to work.  My feet sweat when walking to work and then get cold when I get here.

52 Prepper Projects: a project a week to help you prepare for the unpredictable by David Nash.  Planning for the apocalypse.

Paleo Magazine Reader's Favorite Cookbook edited by Paleo Magazine.  Recipes.  Photos.

No Excuses: how you can turn any workplace into a great one by Jennifer Robin and Michael Burchell.  Page 125 says, "What to do next."

Standard Catalog of World Coins, 1701-1800, 6th Edition edited by George S. Cuhaj.  Phenning. Schilling. Kreuzer.  Rupee.  Abbasi.  Liretta.  Lirazza.  Kopek.

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