Monday, June 02, 2014

Orange Blues


Orange is the New Black: Season One starring [no actorr names on box]. Woman goes to prison and has adventures.

Computerized Music Sounds For You to Listen To If You Have a "CD Player"

Storyline by Hunter Hayes.  Is this a TV actor turned musician?  Am I thinking of someone else?  Nope. says he was first signed up when he was 19.  This video if the first result off a YouTube search.  Lousiana singer sings songs without Louisiana accent.

In My Soul by The Robert Cray Band.  Blues singer sings songs of sadness and joy.  I heard about this because I follow The Verbs online.  The lead "Verbie" is married to this album's producer.

Huh, Speak of the devil.  The producer is in this album promo at 1:06

Album track.

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