Monday, January 05, 2015

November Knit Raid At The Farm


November Man starring Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko.  Max Allan Collins liked it, read his comments here. I was looking at the DVD box and thought, "Hey, she's look familiar, is that that Olga woman?" I was impressed with myself for recognizing her.

Comment: Four thousand feet per second? There are very few cartridges that produce that kind of speed. But, hey, it's a movie, enjoy the show.

The Raid 2 starring [many Indonesian actors].  SWAT cop goes undercover and fights bad guys. Dang, I figured to check and, sure enough, Collins liked this one too. Though it lacks the purity of the single-setting first film, RAID 2 has more fantastic action set pieces than you can shake a baseball bat at (and there will a baseball shaken). This is the rare Asian crime film that actually beats John Woo at his own game.


Murder Tightly Knit: an Amish village mystery by Vannetta Chapman. Coxy mystery with knitting, murder and Amish. Local woman starts sleuthing.  Do you think Vannetta ever goes by "Van" because Vannetta is a long name.  "Hey, Van, does the new book have knitting?"  "It sure does, pal.  Comes out with Zondervan on December 16!"

Tom at the Farm by Michel Marc Bouchard. Tom travels to the farm home of his recently dead boy friend and meets the family who did not know Tom existed.  I was thinking this was a novel. Nope, it's the  translation of the French language film script. Great cover.

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