Monday, April 06, 2015

Big 150.5 Hour Pile of Audiobooks

Audiobooks on CD

A vendor had a big sale so I bought a bunch of audiobooks.

Target Lancer by Max Allan Collins. 7 CDs at 8.5 hours. Collins's Nathan Heller gets involved in another big historical event. Good mysteries set within actual events. Heller gets involved in the Kennedy assassination.

Eight Days to Live by Iris Johansen.  10 CDs at 12 hours. Some sort of mystery with people.

Kiss Her Goodbye by Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. 7 CDs at 8.5 hours.  Another collaboration between Spillane's unfinished manuscripts and Allan's finishing fingers.  Mike Hammer finds trouble and causes more trouble.

Standup Guy by Stuart Woods.  6 CDs by 7.5 hours.  Another Woods mystery. You know the drill.

Taking Eve by Iris Johansen. 9 CDs at 10 hours. One of those Eve novels by Johansen.

Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen. 9 CDs at 11 hours.  Another one of those Eve novels by Johansen.

Capitol Murder by Phillip Margolin.  8 CDs at 9.5 hours.  A PI and an attorney are in a thriller novel.

The Forgotten by David Baldacci.  12 CDs at 12.5 hours.  Super cop investigates his aunt's murderin Florida.

The Innocents by David Baldacci.  10 CDs at 12.5 hours.  Hitman on the run takes in a 14-year-old runaway as they both run from bad guys.

The Hit by David Baldacci. 10 CDs at 12 hours. The same hitman does something else with other hitman who is a hitwoman.

Total Control by David Baldacci. 14 CDs at 17 hours. Thriller with a woman involved in search for her missing husband.

Back Fire by Catherine Coulter. 10 CDs at 11.5 hours.  FBI investigates trial with a shot judge and a distracted prosecutor.

Sleight of Hand by Phillip Margolin.  7 CDs at 8 hours. Some guy is a attorney, con man, and hired killer.

After Dark by Phillip Margolin.  9 CDs by 10 hours.  Judge gets killed, prosecutor is prosecuted, defense attorney defends.

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