Monday, June 08, 2015

Wisconsin Books


Blue Men and River Monsters: folklore of the North edited by John Zimm. Oral history culled from the WPA's work in Wisconsin that run from 1935 to 1937.  Watertown was know for it's geese, "Cooked noodles are every day crammed down their throats by their owners, a wooden pestle being used for this purpose."

The Heart of Things: a Midwestern almanac by John Hildebrand.  Guy from Northwestern Wisconsin writes about the "humor and drama in everyday life." Page 97 says, "Floating down the North Fork one summer with my daughter in the bow, we spotted what appeared to be a dead fish at the bottom of a rocky pool. It was a sleeping catfish, long as my arm, and as our canoe passed overhead it slowly tail-finned into deeper water. Late this afternoon when I reach the rocky pool, I'm a little disappointed to find the sleeping catfish isn't there."

Little Hawk and Lone Wolf: a memoir by Raymong C. Kaquatosh. Lonely nine-year-old Menominee boy befriends a timber wolf in the '30s. He grows up, goes to war, gets a job, and the wold is still around.

Putting Down Roots: gardening insights from Wisconsin's early settlers by Marcia C Carmichael. Gardening history with lots of pretty pictures from Old World Wisconsin.

Blaze Orange: whitetail deer hunting in Wisconsin by Travis Dewitz.  Photo book of hunting up north.

Perimeter: a contemporary portrait of Lake Michigan by Kevin J. Miyazaki.  Portraits of people who live and work around the lake with interspersed two-page photos of the water.

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