Friday, February 26, 2016

Joe R. Lansdale? Again?


Spotlight starring [many actors]. Boston Globe reporters uncover and report on child abuse in the Catholic church.

Spotlight starring [the same actors]. Same thing but Blu-Ray version.

Audiobooks on CD

Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry. 15 hours on 12 CDs.

Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. 15.5 hours on 13 CDs. Lecturer traveling to London goes back in time to 1810. Read by Bronson Pinchot who "restores Greek Revival buildings."

Nomad by Matthew Mather. 9.5 hours on 8 CDs. Scientist has to figure out how to save the earth and get his family from Italy.

Joe R. Lansdale

Vanilla Ride by Joe R. Lansdale. Hap and Leonard bumble through with violence and guile. Lansdale did a interview on National Public Radio a few days ago

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