Monday, September 26, 2016

Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Sinatra

NonFiction Power PACK!

CliffsQuickReview Chemistry by Harold D. Nathan and Charles Henrickson. Page 95 says, "The double arrows indicate that the reaction proceeds either way."

College Physics Crash Course by Frederick J. Bueche and Eugene Hecht. Page 166 says, "Describe the path followed by the proton."

Calculus Crash Course by Frank Ayres and Elliot Mendelson. Page 124 says, "The curve is symmetric with respect to the coordinate axes."

Wolf Boys: two American teenagers and Mexico's most dangerous drug cartel by Dan Slater. Teenager from Laredo, TX crosses the border to work for Los Zetas. That was a bad idea but, then, his friends come over to join him. All of them become teen assassins.

Texas Ranger: the epic life of Frank Hamer, the man who killed Bonnie and Clyde by John Boessenecker. I started flipping through this and reading and - boom! - there went 15 minutes and I had to get back to work.

Sinatra: the Chairman by James Kaplan. Sequel to Kaplan's first volume about Sinatra, Frank: the Voice. Beginning the day after Sinatra won his Academy Award.

The Cook Up: a crack rock memoir by D. Watkins.  Right after getting several university admission letter a teen takes over the family crack business when his brother was shot.

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