Wednesday, December 07, 2016

More Music, More Music, More Music.

Sounds Are Made, Sounds Are Recorded, Sounds Are Played Back Magical Electricity

Case/Lang/Veirs by Case/Lang/Veirs. Niko Case, KD Lang, and Laura Veirs team up to sing songs of country music.

Hard II Love by Usher. Singer sings songs of love.

I don't know anything about Usher so pick your own video:

Revolution Radio by Green Day. Singers sing songs of revolution and radio.

Nobody But Me by Michael Buble. Canadian sings songs of his Canadian self.

Voices of Angels by Celtic Women. Women try to impersonate angels and sing songs.

XXIV Magic by Bruno Mars. Sings songs of popularity.

Keeping the Horse Between Me and the Ground by Seasick Steve. Singer sings songs about his three string guitar.

You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen. Singer sings songs of darkness.

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