Monday, December 19, 2016

Musics and paper

Sound Waves Are Turned Into Computer Code and Transformed Back Into Sound Waves

Under the Influence by Dale Watson. Country singer with fancy hair sings country songs with a traditional country bent.

Wild Stab by The I Don't Cares. Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield team up to sing songs of middle aged rock.


It's Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. The back cover says, "A cautionary tale about the fragility of democracy, it is an alarming, eerily timeless look at how fascism could take hold in America." I'm not sure I've ever read a Lewis novel; even school assigned book. Let me check the bib... nope, not a one. But I did watch the Elmer Gantry film.

The Sellout by Paul Betty. The front cover says this is a comic masterpiece.I do not know anything about Beatty except that he has short hair and lives in NYC.

The Ornatrix by Kate Howard. Woman with facial birthmark gets treated poorly and ultimately hired as personal hairdresser to a courtesan. I do not know anything about Kate Howard either. Except she went to U of Kent and has longish hair.

Cover Me in Darkness by Eileen Rendahl. Woman who grew up in a cult deals with suicide of her mother while her mother was in a psych hospital after murdering the woman's brother. Here is what I know about Rendahl. 1. No author photo so I cannot tell you how long her hair is. 2. She has plenty of critical praise. 3. She also writes cozy mysteries with popcorn themed titles.


Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials by Ryan Mitchell. Our last copy was circ'ing pretty well but was damaged. So, I bought a replacement. No author photo of Mitchell, either. He has a blog.

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