Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Celine, Samuel, Edgar and Lucy


The Twelves Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti.  Single dad and former crook moves with his teen daughter back to his dead wife's home town.

My Italian Bulldozer by Alexander McCall Smith. Do Italian bulldozers break down as much as Italian cars? Or, has Top Gear/The Grand Tour brainwashed me?

Eggshells by Caitriona Lally. The title and cover make me think, "literary novel".  Something about a flighty young Irish woman who advertises for a new friend that must be named Penelope.

Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens. Cover image says "abusive male partner". Dust cover says, "abusive male partner". Woman whose husband went to prison is convinced he is following her after his release.

Celine by Peter Heller. Heller wrote The Dog Stars. I know this because the cover tells me so. I cannot recall if I read that book or not.

Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato. This is a thick book at 533 pages. Lodato's author photo is a black and white studio shot.

Miss You by Kate Eberlen. This is kinda long at 433 pages. Eberlen grew up in London. Oops, I read that wrong. She grew up "in a small town thirty miles from London."  I was listening to The Len Price 3 all of yesterday. They have several songs referring to places southeast of London. Chatham Town Spawns Devils and Medway Sun. I sure do enjoy that band. They have a new album coming out soon.

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