Monday, February 19, 2018

Ezra Furman! Neil Finn! Steven Saylor (no relation)

Musicians Play Instruments and Sing And As Those Sounds Are Recorded and Digitized and Transferred By Industrial Ingenuity Onto Thin Plastic Discs That You Borrow From the Library.

Transangelic Exodus by Ezra Furman. American singer sings songs and plays instruments.

Out of Silence by Neil Finn. Kiwi singer sings songs and plays instruments and occasionally posts on Twitter.


The Throne of Caesar by Steven Saylor (no relation). Steven Saylor (no relation) writes another novel set in Rome. Steven Saylor (no relation) has written some very good mysteries Featuring Gordianus the Finder. I heard the audiobook of Steven Saylor's (no relation) Roma and that was excellent as well. Steven Saylor (no relation) does a fantastic job using the history of Rome in his stories. (No relation).


The Sinner - season one starring Jessica Biel and Bearded Bill Pullman. Woman on  a trip to the beach suddenly stabs a man to death.

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