Monday, January 07, 2019

Here. Books.


2019 North American Coins and Prices edited by David C. Harper. U.S., Canadian and Mexican coins. There were 1,477,967 proff sets of the 2009S 18 piece clad set sold. There were 14 different types of $5 Canadian coins minted for the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

Magic: The Gathering Cards: the unofficial collector's guide by Ben Bleiweiss. I'm not sure what the heck that game is about.

Cook Fast Eat Well by Sue Quinn. Take 10 minutes to cook five ingredients. Many pretty pictures. Page 110 has a reverse image; you can tell by the reverse label on the Tabasco bottle. Did I use that semicolon correctly?


Verses For The Dead by Preston and Child. Two author dudes write another novel. Page 142 says, "deviation... insisted... both... uneasiness... on... rocks... and... listlessly... sipping... espresso."

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