Monday, February 25, 2019


Bill Crider

The Great and Mighty Bill Crider passed away in February, 2018. He finished this final novel in 2017.

That Old Scoundrel Death by Bill Crider. Sheriff Dan Rhodes - eater of Balogna sandwiches and drinker of Dr. Pepper - investigates murder and tolerates nitwits in rural Blacklin County.


Never Tell by Lisa Gardner. Something about death and family. The dust cover decription was a bit convoluted. Let's check out the author photo instead... it' the same one as the last few books. Doesn't Gardner sell a ton of books? You'd think the publisher would use a bigger photo. Gardner lives in New Hampshire. I got married in New Hampshire. Or, was that Vermont? They're pretty much the same place.
You could three each of Vermont and New Hampshire into Wisconsin. And Wisconsin is not that big, WI is the 23rd largest state. You can fit 10 Wisconsins into Alaska.

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